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2017 NFL trade rumors: Could Tom Savage end up on the 49ers radar?

The Houston Texans might have an interest in Tony Romo, and it could result in Tom Savage getting moved

The Houston Texans had a dismal year from quarterback Brock Osweiler, so it is not surprise they have been connected to Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. There have been reports Romo would like to stay in Texas due to his family, and the Texans are the only option remaining.

If the Texans do acquire Romo, they would have some decisions to make at the quarterback position. NFL analyst Tony Pauline is hearing that Romo to the Texans is unlikely, but if it does happen, Houston would potentially trade Tom Savage to the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers have a QB need, and without a lot of standout options in free agency, and no quarterbacks actually on the current roster, anybody is a viable option. The Cowboys seem comfortable slow-playing this thing, but if a deal does happen, it would be a sizable domino.

Monday afternoon, a rumor popped up suggesting the 49ers might pursue Trevor Siemian if the Denver Broncos acquired Romo. Kyle Shanahan reportedly praised Siemian in his interview with the team, so naturally, a rumor can be built around that.

Houston faces some big questions at QB if they acquire Romo. They would take a huge dead money hit if they released Osweiler. Even as a post-June 1 release, they would take a $19 million dead money hit, and save nothing against the cap. They currently have $23 million in cap space. In the past that would be a sizable amount, but this year, it really is not all that much, particularly if they want to add Romo.

If I’m Houston, it might make more sense to hang on to Osweiler, but given Romo’s injuries and Osweiler’s ineffectiveness, wouldn’t you want to hang onto Savage given his 2017 cap hit is only $765,146. Romo is a short-term option, and Osweiler seemingly is not the long-term answer. Why give up a young option like Savage? It’s just one of many rumors we will hear, but I would cross this one off the list pretty quickly.