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Are the 49ers close to a deal for Kirk Cousins?

There are some reports floating around. Make of them what you want.

Things have been mostly quiet for the past couple weeks with regard to quarterback Kirk Cousins. Now, there are reports something might be close. The main source has some question marks, while the second source is a bit more known, but it is still not entirely clear.

First, there was this tweet from a former Washington radio host now podcaster, who appears to be based in Australia. He suggests a deal is “all but done” and “90% likely” to happen.

I am trying to figure out how credible this guy is, but someone asked Denver sports talk radio host Benjamin Allbright about this. He is not a major source, but he breaks news, and I at least know who he is, compared to random Australian person (no offense to our Australians!). Allbright offered up, “As I’ve been reporting for a month.”

I spoke with a Washington blogger who has heard some rumors the deal is close, but he too is not quite sure what to make of everything.

Will a deal actually happen, or is this just mostly speculation for the time being? I honestly don’t know, and we’re left to wait and see when and if a 49ers writer or a notable major writer breaks the news that a deal has actually happened.

Earlier today, Mike Silver said he sees Cousins ending up with the 49ers, but he also said it could be this year or next year. Silver was not “reporting” any news, but was discussing his belief based on how he is reading the situation. It’s a fairly safe prediction at this point.

I’ve said that I hope the 49ers wait until next year if they really want Kirk Cousins. However, if they can leverage this situation into acquiring him now for somewhat discounted draft pick compensation, I could live with that. I am not all that sold on Kirk Cousins as a franchise guy, but Kyle Shanahan gets my trust for the time being. If Cousins is the guy he wants, so be it. I just hope the 49ers are able to take advantage of the leverage they have in a deal with Washington.