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2017 NFL mock draft: Two Kirk Cousins trades pop up for the 49ers

The 49ers have the assets to get a deal done, but will they pony them up?

The San Francisco 49ers released safety Antoine Bethea on Tuesday, and while the move is not entirely shocking, it is likely going to lead to some adjustments in 2017 NFL mock drafts. Safeties Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker have previously been mentioned as options, but any major news usually results in a significant adjustment to mocks.

I updated our mock draft database this morning, and there were a few interesting adjustments. North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (he apparently prefers that over Mitch) remains the top target, but the different number of players has increased. The mocks now include Malik Hooker, Leonard Fournette, and two of Jamal Adams and Solomon Thomas.

One thing I did notice is a pair of trades. CBS Sports’ Will Brinson and analyst Charley Casserly have the 49ers dealing their No. 2 pick to Washington for Kirk Cousins. We don’t have the full details of their projections since they are just first round mocks, but we can clear one thing up quickly. Brinson has the 49ers and Washington swapping first round picks, and San Francisco then grabbing Corey Davis at No. 17. Casserly has the 49ers dealing away their first round pick, but not in a swap for Washington’s first round pick.

A Cousins trade seems to be gaining momentum, but we have not heard any major reports of a deal. It all comes down to the nitty gritty. If the 49ers can do this without losing a first round pick (either by swapping, or just not at all), by all means, go to town.

In the meantime, I’m working on a poll for this, but am curious how best to word the options. There are endless ways a deal could work, so I can’t just include every possible trade option in a poll. Any suggestions?