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No truth to Kirk Cousins trade being ‘all but done,’ per report

There is a lot of wiggle room between nothing and “all but done.”

The San Francisco 49ers might be discussing a Kirk Cousins trade with Washington, but it might not be as close to completion as some would suggest. A tweet Tuesday afternoon suggested a Kirk Cousins trade was “all but done” and at least 90 percent complete. It was from a random former radio host who now lives in Australia, and Denver radio host Benjamin Allbright seemed to back it up.

Naturally, there is some push back. Washington Post beat writer Master Tesfatsion reported Wednesday morning that a source told him “there’s no truth to a Kirk Cousins-49ers trade being ‘all but done.’” Tesfatsion tweeted that he personally believes it makes sense to trade Cousins, but nothing is “all but done” at this point.

There are a huge range of options available between no trade talks and all but done. It’s nice to have these smaller reports on our radar, but until we start hearing from the beat writers in San Francisco or DC, or the national guys, we’re left to wait.