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Joe Mixon Pro Day will include meeting 24 teams, but 49ers seem unlikely

John Lynch has spoken extensively about character. I am guessing the 49ers will not be meeting with Joe Mixon.

The University of Oklahoma is hosting their NFL Draft Pro Day on Wednesday, and one player of note is running back Joe Mixon. According to Albert Breer, between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Mixon will meet with as many as 24 teams.

This is noteworthy because of Mixon’s recent past. In 2014, he submitted an Alford plea in an assault case. Video emerged this past year showing him punch a woman in the face after a confrontation. An Alford plea is where you enter a plea of guilty without making a formal admission of guilt. You enter it if you think there is enough evidence to get you convicted, and the benefit for a defendant is if there is a sufficiently favorable plea bargain on the table.

The assault resulted in Mixon not being invited to the NFL Combine. Had the video not come out, there is a good chance he would have been invited, and nobody would be talking about it. It’s another example of the NFL claiming concern for victims of violence, but really only pretending to care when the league is forced into a corner by video or other context. Consider it quite the coincidence that Mixon’s Pro Day came on International Women’s Day.

My guess is the 49ers would not be part of those 24 teams. The 49ers are on hand for the Oklahoma Pro Day as a whole, per a report, but a meeting with Mixon seems unlikely. John Lynch has emphasized character, so it would be a bad look to meet with Mixon. On the other hand, Lynch could decide he wants to hear from Mixon himself before making a decision. I would be surprised if the latter is the case.