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49ers free agency rumor tracker 2017: Live updates on all the rumors

The 49ers are connected to many names. Expect many more!

The San Francisco 49ers have a ton of cap space and plenty of roster holes, which means they are being connected with every free agent out there. The team will add plenty of players in free agency to fill out the roster, but most of the rumors will likely not pan out.

We’re busy tracking the 49ers roster moves in this tracker, but it’s safe to say we need something else for rumors. I posted a rumor tracker on Tuesday, but trying to get updates on every notable rumor around the NFL is a fools’ errand. So, I’ve decided to come up with a 49ers tracker. We’ll focus on 49ers rumors, but also drop in rumors of other teams in the mix for potential 49ers free agent targets.

I’m sorting it by position and then offering links to past articles. For Kirk Cousins, I just linked to the a google search of Kirk Cousins and considering how many rumors and reports are out there.




Wide Receiver

Tight End

Defensive Tackle