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NFL free agency rumors: Bills sign FB Patrick DiMarco, 49ers favored to sign Kyle Juszczyk

Kyle Shanahan did some good things with the fullback in Atlanta. Landing Juszczyk would be a helpful addition.

The San Francisco 49ers are in the midst of a flurry of potential deals, and it is possible fullback could join the list. The 49ers are believed to be the favorites right now to land free agent Kyle Juszczyk, according to Matt Miller.

On Wednesday morning, USA Today reporter Tom Pelissero reported the 49ers were interested in him, but Adam Schefter reported the Buffalo Bills were a likely favorite. However, since then, the Bills have agreed to terms on a deal with former Atlanta Falcons fullback Patrick DiMarco. There have been no other teams mentioned for Juszczyk, so it would seem to be down to the 49ers and Ravens (his current team) for the time being.

The 49ers need a fullback, and Juszczyk and DiMarco were viewed as the two best options on the table. The 49ers went without a fullback in Chip Kelly’s offense last season, and don’t have anybody who could actually fill the role. Juszczyk would make sense as that option.

In a late note, Pro Football Talk is reporting Juszczyk is looking for a “Swiss Army knife” type of role. He wants to do a lot of different things in an offense. Kyle Shanahan and the Falcons mixed and matched DiMarco, so it could be a selling point as the 49ers overhaul their offense.