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49ers to sign TE Logan Paulsen, reportedly interested in Martellus Bennett

The 49ers are looking for ways to beef up their tight ends.

The San Francisco 49ers have a lengthy list of tight ends on their roster, but they are about to add at least one more. CSN Bay Area reporter Fallon Smith is reporting the 49ers will sign tight end Logan Paulsen when free agency opens in a couple hours.

Paulsen played for the Chicago Bears this past season, after spending the first five years of his career in Washington. He would have worked with Kyle Shanahan throughout the latter’s time in Washington with his dad.

This news comes amidst a report that the 49ers are also interested in tight end Martellus Bennett, according to Patriots reporter Ben Volin. The New England Patriots traded for Dwayne Allen, which suggests they are ready to move on from Bennett. The tight end is looking for big money, and right now the 49ers, Raiders, and Jaguars are on his radar. Patriots reporter Jeff Howe reported heavy mutual interest between Bennett and the Raiders.

Volin tweeted that Bennett likes the idea of being in Silicon Valley. He and his brother Michael Bennett are very active in figuring out their life beyond football. Being near Silicon Valley would provide some big networking opportunities. When the Golden State Warriors signed Kevin Durant, that was mentioned as a drawing point for him.