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49ers announce first wave of free agent signings

The 49ers certainly are not messing around this year.

The 2017 NFL free agency signing period is officially underway, and the San Francisco 49ers have announced their first wave of signings. And boy is it a sizable group. The team announced the following signings. They do not announce contract details, so we will wait for that information to leak out.

The 49ers will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. PT on Friday to introduce the following seven players.

Brian Hoyer, QB
Kyle Juszczyk, FB
Pierre Garcon, WR
Marquise Goodwin, WR
Logan Paulsen, TE
Malcolm Smith, LB
Robbie Gould, K

The 49ers were dead quiet for most of free agency last year, and generally have not been this aggressive this quickly. Aside from Torrey Smith a in 2015, Trent Baalke’s MO was to wait through the first round of big signings, and then pounce as we got into the second and third phase of free agency.

Not so much this time around. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have been incredibly aggressive. They have targeted players they want, and by all accounts are closing the deal more often than not. We don’t know how many actual misses there are, but given how the past three years have gone for this franchise, it is pretty impressive to see them land these players.

Obviously, money talks, and the 49ers might have to overpay a bit. However, it feels like we are seeing a bold plan take shape. It could all go south, and this could turn into an ugly mess, but for the time being, I’m happy with the direction. It’s more fun than waiting and waiting and waiting, and ending up with Zane Beadles and Thad Lewis (no offense to those guys).