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Tony Romo could still be traded to Broncos or Jets, Jay Cutler to be released

The veteran QB market is shaking up.

The Dallas Cowboys were expected to release Tony Romo when the offseason began, but now Chris Mortensen is reporting a trade could be in the works. Mortensen is reporting Dallas is speaking with Denver and Houston about a deal, and Denver is in turn talking with the New York Jets about dealing Trevor Siemian.

The Cowboys have contended they could potentially keep Romo if nothing came along, but it was obvious to most everybody that he was going to be departing in some form or fashion. It was reported earlier this week that a release would happen, but now someone might want to force the Cowboys hand and lock up Romo. I’m a little surprised at this point, but if the Cowboys can get something, so be it.

If the Broncos land Romo, Trevor Siemian could become expendable. They need a backup for Romo, but they could be sufficiently comfortable with Paxton Lynch. If the Texans land Romo, they have to decide if Brock Osweiler remains their backup, or if they’ll want Tom Savage in that role. Both Siemian and Savage have been mentioned in connection with the 49ers. The addition of Brian Hoyer does not preclude adding one of them.

In related news, Jay Cutler will be released when the new league year starts, opening the door for him to sign with one of the many QB needy teams. I think most people hope he ends up with the New York Jets in what would feel like a purely Jets-y move. And Cutler with the New York media would be fun, that’s for sure.