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Ian Williams not happy with 49ers after being ‘thrown to the curb’

The 49ers released him off the injury list last year, and the whole handling still rubs him the wrong way.

The San Francisco 49ers have added defensive line depth with the signing of Earl Mitchell, and are looking at some other names in free agency. One player who will not be back is Ian Williams. The one-time UDFA pick-up who turned into a high quality nose tackle, but struggled to stay healthy, made it very clear he is not happy with how the team handled his ankle injury

Last year was a weird offseason for Williams. In March, he agreed to terms on a five-year contract extension that was believed to be worth $5 million or $6 million per year. However, after a few weeks of no word on the status, a revised one-year contract was signed following word that Williams underwent multiple ankle surgeries. When training camp arrived, he was placed on the season-ending injured reserve with a “non-football injury.” He was released from the list in October with an injury settlement, which made him a free agent.

Some, including myself, hoped a reunion might be possible. However, this tweet makes it clear he is not happy with the organization. There has been plenty of turnover, but clearly he holds it very personally. And when it comes to injuries and a player’s career, it’s hard to blame someone for holding that against an organization. I don’t know how much clarity will ever get on it, but that’s that with regard to Ian Williams.

Fooch’s update: Williams offered a little more clarity that suggests it was primarily Trent Baalke and/or the past trainers/medical staff with whom he was displeased.