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Browns still looking to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo as Patriots want No. 1 overall pick

I’m guessing the Browns don’t want to give up that pick.

The Cleveland Browns stunned most of the football world on Thursday when they decided to trade for Houston Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler. The Browns braintrust decided to effectively trade cap space for a draft pick.

Cleveland acquired Osweiler, a second round pick in the 2018 draft and a sixth round pick in the 2017 draft for a fourth round pick. There are reports they are already shopping Osweiler, and there is talk they might simply cut him and move on. Either way, it’s clear this move was to trade for a pick. We see this kind of thing regularly in the NBA, but almost never in the NFL. Props to the Browns for getting creative. And props for this glorious quotation from Sashi Brown that sums this trade up in a nutshell.

There is some talk now, that the Browns will try and use that second round pick in a deal to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo. They have been regularly connected to the New England Patriots backup quarterback, and beat writer Mary Kay Cabot says they are still looking to do a deal. However, according to Cabot, the Patriots are looking to get the No. 1 overall pick in any deal.

Naturally, the Browns appear to be balking. By all accounts, they are willing to move the No. 12 pick, but not the No. 1 pick. In their version of a perfect world, Cleveland would draft Myles Garrett at No. 1, and then trade No. 12 for Garoppolo. That would make for a nice haul, but the Patriots seem inclined to avoid that.

The Browns quarterback situation remains a mess. The 49ers are not exactly light years better with Brian Hoyer as the only option, but it’s something. And with Jay Cutler and Tony Romo potentially hitting the open market, along with Colin Kaepernick still out there, things are going to happen at some point.