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Happy ‘Don’t believe a single thing’ Day

No, what you are hearing is not true.

Today is April 1, and we all know what that means. April Fools Day means there will be at least one and probably multiple rumors or reports that surface on the Internet about player X or Y is signing or has been traded or has retired.

No, the rumor is not true.

But what about the report that player Z is ...

No. It’s not true.

Sorry to be the party pooper. I suppose I could have come up with something fun, but for this year, no, that rumor you only first heard on April 1 is not true. The 49ers-Panthers trade rumor that circulated a couple days ago could prove true, but if we hear a rumor today about the 49ers interested in another trade, there’s a good chance it’s not true.

Of course, John Lynch said the team is still considering some free agent options, so with my luck, they’ll sign some random player and suddenly we’ll think everything today is true!