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Patrick Mahomes closes Pro Day with 78-yard throw

Kyle Boller wants to know if he can do it from one knee.

Texas Tech held their Pro Day on Friday, and Patrick Mahomes was the big name on display. San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch was on hand with VP of player personnel Adam Peters and senior personnel executive Martin Mayhew. They were among a wide range of executives, coaches, and scouts who took in Mahomes’ performance.

The Texas Tech quarterback has been climbing in mock drafts, and there is speculation he could end up going earlier and earlier in the first round. It seems unlikely he will be the first QB off the board, but there is a good chance he is gone before or when the Houston Texans pick at No. 25.

Mahomes spent his Pro Day taking snaps under center. He has spent his career in the Air Raid offense, so a big question is how he can convert from shot gun to taking snaps under center. It sounds like he had a solid performance on Thursday, and he capped it off with a big throw.

Mahomes wanted to close the day showing off his arm strength, and according to NFL reporter Aaron Wilson, he was able to throw the ball 78 yards through the air.

A throw of that length holds little value on a regular basis, but is certainly helpful for Hail Mary passes. And of course, it leaves people talking after the workout. It is unlikely to move him up the draft board, but if people leave with a positive impression, that’s certainly a plus.

Mahomes is not the first quarterback to try and flash arm strength. Former Cal quarterback Kyle Boller was one of the more notable, throwing deep from one knee at a workout. I’ve seen people say it was anywhere from 65 to 80 yards, but either way, it’s kinda crazy.

We don’t have video of Mahomes’ throw, but here is Boller’s from back in the day.