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Golden Nuggets: Do we have any reason to move Bowman to OLB?

A daily compilation of 49ers links from around the interwebs, Monday April 10th, 2017 edition.

Moving to a 4-3 presents more questions than it answers, as far as our roster goes. Despite our recent signing of players meant to fill holes at the linebacker position, we’re far away enough from training camp that we might theory-craft the possibility of a high draft pick wrestling a starting spot in our LB corps.

It may be worthwhile to consider that NaVorro Bowman played 4-3 OLB in college. It also may be entirely inconsequential, considering his relative inability in coverage. With that being said, it’s not crazy to think that we may see a shake-up at the LB position, especially considering the major change in scheme.

While I don’t believe Bowman would be particularly effective at OLB in our new 4-3, I wouldn’t be 100% surprised if a highly drafted MLB were to supplant the “heart and soul” of our defense. These kind of questions, at this point, seem significantly less outlandish than they may have been a year ago - perhaps, at a minimum, it is worth considering that our prior stalwarts might not be tasked with the same assignments.

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