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How about we watch 49ers players do drills and exercises?

It’s the farthest they can get from real football while being on a football field, but it’s better than nothing.

The San Francisco 49ers have their first day of offseason workouts formally completed following player arrival. The team will do extensive classroom and strength and conditioning work these next two weeks, but Monday featured conditioning tests and other basic workouts.

The team had 100 percent participation for day one of the voluntary program, according to head coach Kyle Shanahan. The big step is seeing where injured players are at in their rehab. The most notable name is NaVorro Bowman. The linebacker is recovering from his torn Achilles and expects to be back for the start of the on-field work. He’ll go through the clearance process the next two weeks, and fingers crossed, things will work out and he’ll be back practicing in full.

The 49ers sent along some video of the players taking part in a variety of drills. We see some shuttle runs, long jumps, and other work. It’s the farthest thing we will see from football while being on the football field. But hey, it’s 49ers players, and they’re on a field. That’s better than nothing, right?