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Myles Garrett wants to exceed Jerry Rice as the GOAT regardless of position

Myles Garrett is not lacking for confidence.

The 2017 NFL Draft is just over two weeks away, and by all accounts, Myles Garrett should go No. 1 to the Cleveland Browns. The only things that might prevent it have been off-field things that are ridiculous and should likely have no bearing. Of course, with so much time during the pre-draft process, it is no surprise they pop up.

It started with him making a funny video in which he was begging the Dallas Cowboys (his hometown team) to trade up for the No. 1 pick. Then recently, he turned down an interview with former NFL defensive lineman Booger McFarland because of some of the latter’s criticisms of Garrett. Naturally, that got some people’s tongues wagging.

Most recently, Garrett sat down for an interview with ESPN the Magazine, and he offered a lot of insight into the type of person he is. He talked about his interests in poetry and paleontology, and at one point said, "I don't think I'm the smartest player in the draft, but if you consider all the things I think about daily, how many things intrigue me and I try to get involved in, I'm up there." Ross Tucker got in a huff over that, thinking it was somehow a red flag.

But it was actually quite a fascinating interview. Some people prefer their athletes stick to their given sport, but I like a player with personality. And I like confidence as well, and Garrett does not lack for it. The interviewer asked him about his huge Combine performance, and the comparisons of his workout numbers to running backs and wide receivers. He was asked who is his best comparison, and he said he wants to be the greatest who ever played:

“You can compare me to those wide receivers and the great stars of the league, but I want to show that I'm in a league of my own. I don't want anybody to be like me. By the end of my career, I don't want to hear talk of another Myles Garrett. I want to be the greatest. The greatest that ever played, regardless of position or era. They say that's Jerry Rice. If his total greatness is considered the best of all time, I want to exceed that.”

Quarterbacks get a lot of love as the “GOAT,” but the difference between Jerry Rice’s numbers and that of any other wide receiver is so great that there is an argument to be made he’s the greatest regardless of position. That’s certainly a tall order for Garrett. He’s viewed as a great pass rusher, but it’s a stretch for now to see him even entering the conversation for all-time greats, regardless of position. But hey, a lot of confidence is a good thing!

I recommend giving the whole interview a read.