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NFL Draft rumors: Browns have split opinions on Myles Garrett, Mitchell Trubisky at No. 1

I doubt there is much to this, but who knows, right?

The 2017 NFL Draft is two weeks away, and the rumor mill has decided to go a little crazy. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Cleveland Browns have not fully made up their mind about the No. 1 pick. Schefter said opinions are split over Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett and North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Consider me moderately skeptical about this. I won’t say there is no chance this is true, but it’s hard for me to believe. This follows an earlier rumor that LSU running back Leonard Fournette was in play at No. 1.

My guess in all this is the Browns would like to get somebody to trade with them. There isn’t a clear-cut quarterback option, but the consensus is that Garrett is the best option out there. There is no doubt people would be interested in moving up for Garrett, but enough to generate a sizable return for the Browns?

This year’s quarterback class is questionable at best, and with the No. 12 pick in hand, it’s hard seeing the Browns spending that No. 1 pick on a quarterback. But if they did, I would happily welcome Myles Garrett to town at No. 2!