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Mike Mayock moves Deshaun Watson to top of his NFL Draft position rankings

People are not high on this year’s quarterbacks, but we could still see as many as four gone in the first round.

The 2017 NFL Draft’s quarterback class has left plenty of people scratching their heads, trying to figure out who is capable of what. Mitchell Trubisky has been viewed as most likely to be the first QB off the board, but there remain plenty of skeptics.

Mike Mayock released his latest QB rankings, and he made some changes, but still does not have Trubisky atop his rankings. In his first two rankings, Mayock had DeShone Kizer as his top QB, with Deshaun Watson No. 2, and Trubisky No. 3. In his latest rankings, he dropped Kizer to fourth, and bumped Watson to first and Trubisky to second. Patrick Mahomes moved up from No. 4 to No. 3.

Trubisky has been a fairly regular option as the first QB off the board, but questions about all of the quarterbacks have people considering alternatives. Todd McShay has suggested a quarterback might not even go in the first round. Ron Jaworski said none of the quarterbacks are worth a first round pick. And Mayock has said he would not spend a top ten pick on any of these quarterbacks.

All that being said, it seems highly likely we see at least two, and possibly three or four quarterbacks drafted in the first round. The 49ers have questions at quarterback, but if they don’t take one at No. 2, I would be surprised if there is someone there to take at No. 34. It is possible one of the main four drops that far, but trades into the back-end of the first round could remove them from the board as well.

If those four quarterbacks are gone, the board then drops to Davis Webb, Nathan Peterman, and Brad Kaaya, among others. At what point does the second run of QBs happen?