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John Lynch on No. 2 pick: ‘We’re open for business’

No surprise with that declaration.

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch met with the media on Wednesday following the team’s local Pro Day, and he made clear the team is open to dealing the No. 2 overall pick. Lynch said there have been some calls about the pick and the team is, “open for business.”

Lynch would not get into details on the price they’re asking, but did say they have a price in mind, and have their own value chart. The Jimmy Johnson trade value chart is a popular one, but in reality, each team likely makes some adjustments to how they value a pick.

The 2017 NFL Draft features a fairly clear choice at No. 1 in Myles Garrett, but no clear No. 2 for the 49ers. They could go in one of several directions with the pick. Furthermore, you could have ten different teams in that position, and you might get five or six, or even more players selected with the pick.

Lynch acknowledged as much, and even said the team talked about the idea of moving up, according to ESPN’s Nick Wagoner. The team has ten picks, and while moving from No. 2 to No. 1 would not come cheap, it is certainly a feasible option.

The most notable rumor in recent weeks was that the Carolina Panthers were interested in the pick to potentially select LSU running back Leonard Fournette. And moving the pick so somebody can land Fournette might be the most likely opportunity for a trade.

With two weeks remaining and plenty of player evaluation still to come, this will remain a fluid situation right up until the 49ers are on the clock.