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Steve Young visits 49ers at local Pro Day

He was on hand to watch a Stanford safety, but it’s still good to see a 49ers legend on hand.

The San Francisco 49ers conducted their local Pro Day on Wednesday, and a familiar face was on hand. The 49ers beat writers were reporting that Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young was visiting the facility. He was spotted at one point chatting with Kyle Shanahan.

After the Pro Day ended, general manager John Lynch met with the media and was asked whether he had invited Young, or if the QB had shown up on his own. Lynch said that Young contacted him about attending the event because one of the participants, Stanford safety Dallas Lloyd is a friend of his.

“Well, you know as a local pro day and we felt like there was a lefty at BYU who might be able to help us. So, no. Steve has a player that was here today that he’s buddies with and I got a text today in the middle of draft meetings that said, ‘Hey, John. This is Steve Young. Do you think it would be possible if I might be able to come out to the Pro Day?’ I said, ‘Steve, whatever you want and I’ve told you that. You’re always welcome.’ It’s a treat to see him as always. He’s a good friend. I think he’s a big part of the fabric of this organization and any time we have him out here, I think we’re better for it. I always feel like I get smarter when I talk to Steve. He’s a bright guy and he’s got a unique perspective on things.”

We have seen previous greats on hand in the past, with Charles Haley the most notable in recent years. But it has always felt a little barren in Santa Clara when it came to the past greats. They made appearances, we heard from them, but something always seemed a little off.

Young’s appearance on Wednesday does not mean the floodgates are going to open with former pros, but Lynch has made it clear they are welcome. And given Kyle Shanahan’s history with the 49ers through his dad, I would not be surprised to see more regular appearances from some of the heavy hitters in 49ers history.