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First impressions are everything - so far so good for new-look 49ers

From the coaching staff to the players, the 49ers are off to a positive start

It has been a rough few seasons for the San Francisco 49ers but there is a new regime in town and it seems there is a positive outlook on the new season coming from Santa Clara. Of course, this is the point in the season where everyone is undefeated and 2-14 has long been in the review mirror but still, it’s good to see notable positive quotes coming from those who survived the last few seasons as well as those newer to the building.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan met with the team for the first time and many of the players that were available to the media shortly after, appreciated the messages that he shared with them.

Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh spoke about why Shanahan connects well with players:

Kyle is very matter of fact, he treats them like men, which they are, and I think Kyle is very clear and to the point and very honest. And, he’s very direct with the guys. And, I think as an athlete, as a man and as a person in general, all you can ask for out of another human being is to be direct and honest and that’s exactly who he is.

Carlos Hyde on what stood out to him about Shanahan’s opening comments:

Be the best. That’s what I like. I like to hear that. Be the best. I like to go out and think that I’m the best and to have a to coach that thinks he’s the best in the National Football League, to have everybody around then facility thinking that they’re the best at their position and coaching job, to me that’s a great atmosphere to be around. Be the best, that’s what I like from that.

DeForest Buckner on his new defensive coordinator:

I like him a lot. He talked about the end of style of defense he wants us to be. He wants to attack the ball, have extreme violence and talked to us about having all gas no brakes, just getting after it. I feel like it’s a new year, a fresh start, and we’re all just excited to get out there and start working.

Joe Staley on the new staff:

I’m really, really excited. I had the chance to get to talk to them a little bit. Really excited about the first day here and get started. Seems like the last four years kind of had the sam conversation in the beginning but really excited especially with the track record of Coach Shanahan and what he’s able to do as an offensive coordinator and also just excitement he brings to this organization and everybody’s just really looking forward to getting started with him. It’s early, it’s day one so the buzz and energy is always going to be really great but coming from where we were last year, everybody knows that 2-14 not acceptable in the NFL anytime. So, everybody excited to just get that taste out of our mouths and get started anew.

NaVorro Bowman on the mood in the building:

It’s great, the energy is great. Everyone is excited from the coaches to the players. we understand that we don’t want anything continuation of the past few years that we've had so everyone’s mindset is just putting the work in, being accountable, committing to the process and understanding that we do have a lot of work to do to get back to the 49er way.

As Staley said it’s early, but at least for now, the outlook is positive.