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Hue Jackson likely wants Myles Garrett at No. 1

The Browns have been the subject of all sorts of rumors. It seems like Hue Jackson’s own words make things pretty clear.

The past week has seen reports and speculation that the Cleveland Browns are split on who to draft. A scout told national reporter Mike Freeman has heard the Browns front office wants Myles Garrett, while head coach Hue Jackson is interested in Mitchell Trubisky. However, Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot is offering a different look at the situation.

Cabot is hearing that Jackson is actually most interested in Garrett with the No. 1 pick. A couple weeks ago, following the NFL owners’ meetings, Cabot offered up some evidence based on Jackson’s own words as to why he likely prefers Garrett at No. 1. Among other things, he said he thinks you need to be looking for a generational talent, and only two or three players have that. Additionally, he said that among the quarterbacks, none of them at that point was really separating himself from the others. That does not sound like generational talent.

The Browns could still surprise us, but it does not seem likely to be a top of the draft surprise. Cabot did suggest the Browns could look into moving up from No. 12 to try and grab Trubisky. She talked about the 49ers as a potential option for a trade, although the price would be huge to move up from No. 12 to No. 2. However, Cabot suggested there are rumors Trubisky might not get past the Jets at No. 6. That would require a sizable leap, in a year in which the top handful of picks is likely looking to move down and acquire additional picks.

Out of all this information, the safe bet seems to be Garrett going No. 1. After that pick, however, things could get really crazy really quickly. The Browns seem a decent bet to climb up, but how much do they really like Mitchell Trubisky, and how much is smoke-screen?