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2017 NFL mock draft: How about Myles Garrett to the 49ers in this 6-round mock?

Unlikely, but I don’t think anybody would turn it down.

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of needs, and while it would be nice to see the Cleveland Browns somehow blow the No. 1 pick and not draft edge rusher Myles Garrett, it seems like an unlikely result.

At the same time, I suppose we can still tell ourselves maybe it will happen. We wished and hoped the Oakland Raiders would pass on Michael Crabtree, and they did. It did not play as well as most of us hoped, but maybe the Browns can blow it too, right?

Which brings us to Chad Reuter’s latest 2017 NFL mock draft at He went six rounds deep, and decided to get right off the bat. He decided to run with the Mitchell Trubisky rumors and have the Browns draft the North Carolina QB with the No. 1 overall pick. Naturally, the 49ers pounced on Garrett after that.

Here is his full list of 49ers picks for the six round mock draft:

1 (2). Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M
2 (34). Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU
3 (66). Dorian Johnson, OG, Pittsburgh
4 (109). Carlos Henderson, WR, Louisiana Tech
4 (143). Al-Quadin Muhammad, OLB, Miami
5 (146). Eddie Jackson, S, Alabama
5 (161). Wayne Gallman, RB, Clemson
6 (198). Adam Bisnowaty, OT, Pittsburgh
6 (202). Chad Williams, WR, Grambling

Reuter had three quarterbacks going in the first round, with Trubisky at No. 1, DeShaun Watson to the New York Jets at No. 6, and Patrick Mahomes to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 13. He had two quarterbacks going in the second round, but not as expected. He had Davis Webb (No. 38 - Los Angeles Chargers) going ahead of DeShone Kizer (No. 42 - New Orleans Saints).

If Kizer is there at No. 34, do the 49ers pounce? John Lynch has had positive things to say about him, and the QB class as a whole, but that could very well just be a smoke screen. But if the 49ers do like him, then yes, it would make sense to make that pick. Instead, Reuter has the 49ers not picking a quarterback in any of the first six rounds. The most notable QB still on the board after six rounds in this mock draft is Virginia Tech’s Jerod Evans. The 49ers have reportedly shown some interest in him.

What do you think of this six-round mock draft? Lack of a QB aside, there is a lot to like. I would expect more defensive picks than offensive picks, but otherwise, there is some interesting talent in this class. Edge rusher and cornerback are two huge needs, and the team addresses them quickly. The offensive line needs an infusion of youth and depth, and we see that. They get an intriguing pass catcher in Carlos Henderson, and a running back option in Wayne Gallman. There are other ways the team could have gone, but just getting lucky on Myles Garrett would be a strong step forward.