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Raiders, Marshawn Lynch agree to contract terms; trade still needs to happen

Beast Mode’s coming home.

The Oakland Raiders appear set to add a slightly notable running back to the mix. NFL Network reporter Mike Silver reported on Friday that Marshawn Lynch has agreed to terms on a restructured contract with the Raiders.

Lynch remains under contract with the Seattle Seahawks, listed as retired. Lynch had one year left on his contract when he retired, which means he remained a member of the Seahawks. There has been talk Lynch wanted to come back and play for the Raiders. The Seahawks have been amenable to a trade, but Lynch and the Raiders had to restructure his existing deal. Lynch was due to earn $10 million in the final year of his last contract extension. Suffice to say, that was not going to happen following a year away from the game.

Now that a contract is done, a trade will likely happen fairly quickly. Silver is reporting the Seahawks were surprised at a restructured contract getting done so quickly, but it sounds like a deal will get done with relative ease. It is unlikely to cost more than a day three pick, and potentially a conditional one at that. Lynch played in seven games in his last season with the Seahawks (2015), and averaged 3.8 yards per carry. Injuries were an issue, but age is also a factor. Lynch turns 31 this month, which is on the wrong side of 30 for a running back.

Raiders fans are going to be excited to have the hometown product on their roster. Expectations are probably going to be higher than most any of us expected. And given that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas sometime in the next few years, this could increase Oakland fans’ excitement before they lose their team. It should make for an interesting ride in 2017.