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Mike Mayock shuffles up wide receivers in his latest NFL draft position rankings

Health might be a reason Corey Davis drops.

The San Francisco 49ers need to find some long-term answers at the wide receiver position, but whether it happens in the first round is a tough call. There are some intriguing options, but the best chance of a WR happening for the 49ers would seem to be if they move down, or move up into the back of the first round.

The top of the class includes Mike Williams, Corey Davis, and John Ross. There is a clear step down after those two, and it is reflected in Mike Mayock’s latest position rankings. He made an intriguing adjustment to his wide receivers, dropping Corey Davis from the top to No. 3. Here’s his latest rankings.

1. Mike Williams, Clemson
2. John Ross, Washington
3. Corey Davis, Western Michigan
4. Zay Jones, East Carolina
T-5. JuJu Smith-Schuster, USC
T-5. Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington

Mayock did not include reasoning for why he made his adjustments, so we are left to speculate. Davis had been in the mix with Williams as the potential first wide receiver off the board. Davis did not run a 40 due to a January ankle injury, so my guess is Mayock is scared off a little bit by that. Could something like that be enough to drop him into the 49ers range at 34? And even if not right to 34, maybe down near the bottom of the first round, opening the door for a slight move up?

The 49ers were aggressive at the wide receiver position in free agency. They signed Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin, Aldrick Robinson, and re-signed Jeremy Kerley. Would this suggest they do not plan on adding someone in the first or second round, or do the signings really offer no such concrete idea?