Top 17 wide receivers in draft with profiles and overall rank

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Fooch's update: Some interesting discussion on the wide receiver position.

I just finished my top 100 draft rankings and profiles. I thought I would throw it up here and see what other people thought. I watched at least 3 full games of film for each prospect and the top ones many more. I will start with WR rankings and see where that goes. Positional rankings are followed by overall rankings in parenthesis.

WR1 (5) Mike Williams- Clemson 6’3" 218.

Plays to his size and uses his body well. Loves the jump ball and back shoulder fade. A+ hands and has good breakaway speed but not elite. Tends to jump a lot when he doesn’t have to. Has no problem going over the middle for the tough catch. Uses his hands to snatch the ball out of the air, great at high pointing the catch. Plays angry and fights on all plays. Moss-like instincts. Very hard to tackle after catch.

Player comparison: Terrell Owens

WR2 (9) Corey Davis- Western Michigan 6'3'' 209.

Insane production from a small school every year since he was a freshman. Likes to block and is competitive on every single play. Seems to face a double team or bracket coverage on every play. No problem going over the middle and making the catch with big hit coming his way. Makes circus catches routinely. Runs the full route tree and snatches the ball with his hands perfectly. Plays very smart. Hard to find and weaknesses in his game film, if he does well at the combine will be fighting with Mike Williams for first WR off the board.

NFL comparison- Poor mans Calvin Johnson

WR3 (21) Zay Jones- East Carolina 6’1" 201 -4.45.

Broke the record for most receptions ever in a career (399). Several family members in the NFL. Plays all out on every play. Loves to block and does so with a purpose. Possession receiver with upside. Can do it all he runs the full route tree, reverses, screens, even throw passes. Gains separation with size and perfect routes not speed. Great use of hands and when he has the ball he runs like a running back. Will play for a long time in the league due to his versatility he can play any WR spot for any system.

NFL comparison- Deandre Hopkins

WR4 (27) Dede Westbrook- OU 5’11'' 176 -4.38(non combine).

Huge character concerns. Dangerous speed and a huge home run threat on any play. Willing blocker and does not shy away from contact which may be a problem with his underdeveloped body at the next level. Great hands and superb cutting ability in and out of his routes. Dangerous in the return and screen game.

NFL comparison- Desean Jackson with height and better hands

WR5 (28) John Ross- Washington 5’10’’ 188 -4.22.

Fastest player on the field every time and it shows on film. Major knee concerns with a lot of injury history. Dangerous in the return game and shows great hip movement in and out of cuts. Favorite route is the fade by a mile. Lines up outside and in the slot on both the left and right side. Doesn’t always come back to the ball on stop or hitch routes, also short arms the ball when going over the middle. Good plays and bad plays seem to stack up on top of each other, needs more consistency. Great body control and field awareness for tough catches on the boundary lines. Will block but doesn’t like it, would rather fake a go route in man coverage (which seems to work because he never gets tired). Finished the year with 81 rec, 1150 yds, and 17TDs. Being shadowed by Adoree Jackson (late 1st-2nd round CB for USC) he put up 8 catches for 154 yds and 1 TD.

NFL comparison- Brandon Cooks but with more shake

WR6 (44) Carlos Henderson- LA Tech 5’11" 199 -4.46

TOUGH. Fights for every yard and hates going out of bounds. Great returner and will start day 1 as a returner. Natural pass catcher that plucks the ball out of the air. Great double move and lines up everywhere (inside, outside, backfield). Great in traffic and keeps focus on the ball. Does not go back to the ball on stop routes. Very hard to tackle for all teams. Great at the goal line fade and awareness on the sideline to toe tap and stay in bounds. Long legged quick strider that creates his own yards

NFL comparison- poor man’s OBJ

WR7 (45) Chris Godwin- Penn ST 6’1" 209 -4.42

Put up crazy numbers in all 3 bowl games he played in. Big bodied receiver that can go over the middle with ease. High points the jump ball well while blocking out the corner. Produced against elite level of competition Adoree Jackson, Gareon Conley, and Marcus Lattimore could not stop him. Great going over the middle and seems to enjoy contact. At his best in the contested catch area. Great at coming back to the QB when he is in trouble. Amazing hands and catches everything! Circus catches seem easy to him. Loves to crack back on running plays, very physical player at all times. Drives the CB out of bounds when run blocking consistently.

NFL comparison- Anquan Boldin with more speed

WR8 (46) Chad Hansen- Cal 6’1" 202 -4.53

Very shifty and has great hands. Limited route tree due to system at CAL. Very competitive and comes down with a lot of 50-50 balls. Great body control and field awareness, several toe tapping catches on the sideline. Shows up big in big moments. No problem going over the middle and seems to like contact. Natural pass catcher that could play inside or outside. Can take a slant route to the house on any play very deceptive speed with a long stride.

NFL Comparison- Jalen Strong

WR9 (61) Juju Smith-Schuster- USC 6’1’’ 215 -4.54

Juju is only 20 years old reminds me a lot of Laquan Treadwell coming out last year with a lot of potential but is very raw. Finished the year with 70 rec, 914 yards, and 10 TDs. Loves to go across the middle and find the soft spot in the zone. More than capable blocker but doesn't seem to use his size to punish, much more technique style of blocking but is very efficient. Does not run good routes and is awful in and out of breaks, relies completely on athleticism. Does not get separation against man coverage and most catches come against zone coverage. His best route is a 10 yard stop route because DBs respect his deep speed threat and give him a decent cushion. Only had 1 catch for 9 yards against Alabama. Plays very soft and immature.

NFL comparison- Justin Hunter

WR10 (62) Ardarius Stewart- Alabama 5’11" 204 -4.49

Suspended for behavior rules and decided to declare early to provide for his 2 kids. Plays bigger and more physical than his 5’11" frame. Great blocker. Strong lower body and seems to just run through tacklers at times with ease. Perfect No. 2 wide receiver that will help in run and passing game. Does not go out of bounds but tries to deliver hits to DBs. Understands setting up the route with good footwork and changing gears speed wise. When he hits his stride in the open field no one can catch him. Draft stock and production took a hit due to poor QB play at Alabama.

NFL comparison- Robert Woods

WR11 (63) Cooper Kupp- Eastern Washington 6’1" 204 -4.62

Owns records for receptions, yards, and TD for FCS. Dad and Grandfather played in the NFL. Not quick seems heavy footed coming out of cuts but had great speed once he gets moving. Catches everything and plays with extreme confidence. Destroys zone coverage. Plays exclusively out of the slot. No issue going over the middle and plays very tough. Natural pass catcher and makes everything look easy. No clue if he can play outside or against press man.

NFL comparison- Eric Decker but smaller and slower

WR12 (77) Josh Reynolds- Texas A&M 6’3" 194 -4.52

Vertical threat that has scored a lot of touchdowns. Long and skinny not sure if he can do more than being a deep threat. Great acceleration in the screen game. Runs a very limited route tree. Shut down by Tre’Davious White but made a big play at the end of the game when it got out of hand.

NFL comparison- Chris Henry

WR13 (81) Ryan Switzer- North Carolina 5’8" 181 -4.51

Tiny but quick. Tied NCAA record for 5 punt returns for TD. Elite shuttle and 3-cone times and it shows on film. Defenders miss him consistently. Body catcher but has crazy high catch rate. Elite in the screen game but also runs crisp routes. Makes people miss in a phone booth, so quick and shifty. No problem going over the middle. Great possession guy and is perfect for getting 1st downs on 3rd and short.

NFL comparison- Jeremy Kerley

WR14 (87) Malachi Dupree- LSU 6’2’’ 196 -4.52

Crazy athlete that won state in high, triple, and long jump. OK blocker that gets in the way more than imposing his will. Lots of almost amazing catches. Uses hands to catch contested balls while putting his body between him and the defender. Good separation but seems to disappear in games for long stretches, possibly the offences fault.

NFL comparison- Jerome Simpson

WR15 (88) Isaiah Ford- VT 6’1" 194 -4.61

Great athleticism that shows up on film. Quick feet and plays well against press man. Willing and capable blocker. Best route is the fade and has amazing ball skills. Wins a lot of 50-50 balls and tracks the ball very well. Does not like going over the middle, short arms the ball when he is scared. Fade, back shoulder fade, and post are about all he does. Deep threat only

NFL Comparison-Torrey Smith without the speed

WR16 (92) Taywan Taylor- Western Kentucky 5’11" 203 -4.50

A lot of production through jet sweeps, screens, and trick plays. Not a natural pass catcher and bobbles the ball a lot. Will be stuck in the slot or backfield on 3rd downs. Gets scared going over the middle. Long strider that has better game speed than 40 time.

NFL comparison- less athletic Percy Harvin

WR17 (93) Curtis Samuel- Ohio St 5’10" 196 -4.31

Played RB and WR projects as a WR for the NFL. Mostly misdirection plays; screens, draws, reverses, and jet sweeps. Great against zone coverage but short arms the ball going over the middle. Crazy acceleration but somewhat tight hipped for a smaller speed guy. Some value as a returner both punt and kick. Does not break tackles but out runs defenders quite often. Lots of negative plays and will go backwards instead through defenders.

NFL comparison- Bruce Ellington

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