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NFL draft rumors: 3 quarterbacks the 49ers might consider

Will the 49ers go for one of the names we’ve heard over and over again, or will they surprise us?

The San Francisco 49ers need to figure out their quarterback situation, but how and when remains a big question mark. They’ve been connected to Kirk Cousins, but a trade seems unlikely for the time being. They hold the No. 2 pick, but spending it on a quarterback also seems unlikely.

Sporting News contributor Eric Galko has his ear to the ground, and hears all sorts of rumors. On Monday, he released his latest “what I’ve heard” column. He focused on quarterbacks, and had a handful of 49ers mentions to consider. As always with rumors, we have to take them with a certain grain of salt.

Mitchell Trubisky: Galko is hearing the 49ers have a high grade on Trubisky, and if they did surprise people at No. 2, Trubisky could be that pick.

DeShone Kizer: The Notre Dame QB is expected to slip, and if he gets into the bottom of the first round, the Texans at 25 and the 49ers moving back into the first round could be in play ... He also said Kizer could be a target at No. 34

Nathan Peterman: Davis Webb has had more buzz, but there’s a chance Peterman goes higher. Galko thinks Peterman could go to the 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, or Washington. Early last month, Galko reported that all those teams and the Chiefs were among the most likely destinations for Peterman.

Kirk Cousins: Things are not dead between the 49ers and Washington, and Washington is big on Trubisky.

There are plenty of other quarterbacks in the mix, both in the first round, and into day two and three. The 49ers have tried to cut back on the leaks, so it is possible the QB they end up with is someone we have not heard much or anything about thus far.

The team has been transparent in many ways, but also held their cards close to the vest in many ways. This offseason is in part about learning what John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are all about. Following three months of all sorts of draft rumors, I’m fascinated to see how much shakes out as fact vs. smoke-screen.