Top 14 edge players in draft with profiles, overall rank, and comparisons

I just finished my top 100 draft rankings and profiles. I thought I would throw it up here and see what other people thought. I watched at least 3 full games of film for each prospect and the top ones many more. Positional rankings are followed by overall rankings in parenthesis.

My WR rankings here


Edge1 (1)Myles Garrett- Texas A&M 6’4" 272 -4.64. Entire family where big time athletes. Testing at the top percentage of all categories at the combine and has no character concerns. 3 year starter and production in the SEC. More of a power and athletic pass rusher than a speed high-motor guy. Holds the edge very well in the run game. Never seems to let blockers get into his body always has his arms extended. Very powerful legs which shows when he runs straight through blockers. Not an elite 1st step and doesn’t have a great motor on downfield plays. Plays with great leverage and almost always lower than the blocker. Played a lot of consecutive snaps and when he gets tired he tends to lead with his shoulders instead of his hands. Only negative is I wish he played with more energy.

NFL comparison- Aldon Smith but with more power

Edge2 (7) Solomon Thomas- Stanford 6’3" 273 -4.69. Played all over the Dline and is somewhat of tweener. Not long enough to be a prototypical edge and not big enough to be a powerhouse interior guy. Is always in the opponent’s backfield and is a crazy motor guy. Gets sidestepped by QBs often because he is out of control when rushing. Elite 1st step and is always first one off the ball. Plays smart and diagnoses plays well (screens, draws, trick plays, etc…). Probably leads the nation in disruptions in the backfield but doesn’t always finish the play. Splits the double team as well as I have ever seen. Has no problem being a gap stuffing dlineman but is at his best when turned lose to wreck havoc. Relentless he does not give up on plays.

NFL comparison- Smaller and faster Ndamkun Suh

Edge3 (8) Derek Barnett- Tennessee 6’3" 259 -4.88. 3 great years of production in the SEC. Bends the edge with the best of them. Great hands and can play inside on passing downs. Got the best of Cam Robinson of Alabama. Great at playing the wide 9, would be great as a stand up 3-4 or as a DE in the 4-3 which was his primary role in college. Not a great 1st step but goes hard and fast after that.

NFL comparison- Bruce Irvin

Edge4 (17) Takkarist Mckinley-UCLA 6’2" 250 -4.59. Plays all over the line and blitzes from the Mike spot on obvious passing downs. Crazy high motor every play and always gives maximum effort. Long arms that he uses well. Holds the edge in the run game with the best of them. Amazing to watch on screen plays as he often catches the back about 10-15 yards down field. Not an edge bender speed rusher guy but a strong side DE with heavy hands.

NFL comparison- Brian Robison

Edge5 (25) Derek Rivers- Youngstown ST 6’4" 248 -4.61. Fast off the ball and plays with leverage. Full yard and a half ahead of the entire Dline after snap of the ball. Played against lower competition but still played well against West Virginia. When engaged with blockers he is always behind his pads with arms fully extended. Smart football IQ never over runs the play. Textbook gap control in the run game. Could teach a clinic on Stack and Shed technique. Has speed to rip and go around blockers or leverage and power to go through them. Amazing hands when fighting the Oline.

NFL comparison- Jared Allen

Edge6 (37) Charles Harris- Missouri 6’3" 253 -4.82. Very underwhelming measurables for an edge guy or an interior Dline. Great 1st step and hip movement. Great hands and extension. If he gets stuffed by Oline he has great counter moves and effort to find a way to the ball. Not a speed or a power guy but has great moves when close to the blocker, it seems they can never get ahold of him. Film and effort at the start of the game is much better than the end of the game. Takes plays off when he is tired or his team is losing by a lot. Amazing at the start of every game and everything goes downhill as the game goes on. Will need a positive coach and go to a competitor if he will be successful.

NFL comparison-Tamba Hali

Edge7 (38) Taco Charlton- Michigan 6’6" 277 -4.92. Really good spin move on pass rush but uses it too much. Plays behind his pads at first contact but then stands up and loses leverage when engaged my lineman. Seems to win fast only, doesn’t get off blocks well. Ramczyk of Wisconsin owned him but had success when he lined up away from him. Plays mostly with hand down but seems better when standing up. Bends the edge pretty well but not consistently. Solid run defender that has heavy hands but doesn’t use them often enough. Seems to have 4-5 amazing plays a game and disappears the rest of the time.

NFL comparison- Stiffer Ziggy Ansah

Edge8 (41) Haason Reddick- Temple 6’1" 237 -4.52. Freaky explosive athlete. Played everywhere on defense (DE, stand up outside rusher, middle linebacker, and outside backer). Runs himself out of position at times. Great in pursuit and looks the part of a linebacker much more than an edge guy. When rushing off the edge he lets the blocker lock on with his arms. He can hold the edge very well in run support. Takes him awhile to react at the snap of the ball, would love for him to just play more but that seems to be the defensive scheme he was put in. Does not make very many plays. Best suited at 4-3 OLB or ILB.

NFL comparison- Eli Harold

Edge9 (53) Tim Williams- Alabama 6’3" 244 -4.68. Huge character concerns with multiple failed drug tests and being arrested on a gun charge. Looks and plays like an ideal edge pass rusher in the NFL. Great get off and amazing bend on the edge. Doesn’t seem to like anything except rushing the passer. Will be on a limited snap count for pass plays only for probably the first year or two. Very effective on the first drive of almost every game. Pretty good in pass coverage out in the flats. Plays faster with his hand on the ground. Struggled against Washington’s oline with NFL type tackles.

NFL comparison- Shane Ray

Edge10 (55) Tyus Bowser- Houston 6’3" 247 -4.65. Off the charts as far as physical traits (height, weight, speed, quickness, arm length). A fight with a teammate made him miss time with a broken orbital bone. Played basketball and football for Houston. Great effort high motor guy. Plays with arms extended when engaging with blockers. Great at forcing the edge. Defensive scheme had him as a run defender not a pass rusher. Plays very long as a defender but no clue what you would get because he was not a primary edge rusher in his system. Not a liability in pass coverage but don’t expect him to cover the wheel route.

NFL comparison- Looks like Khalil Mack but without the production

Edge11 (73) Carl Lawson- Auburn 6’2"261 -4.67. 2 seasons were ended by an ACL tear and a hip injury. Strong upper body and fast get off. Understands keeping the edge on run plays. Runs the arch fairly well but ends up 2 yards behind the QB most of the time. His lack of speed and flexibility make it hard to leverage against the Oline to get on the correct path to the QB. Does not use his hands well in the pass rush.

NFL comparison- Slower less explosive Dee Ford

Edge12 (79) Tarell Basham- Ohio 6’4" 269 -4.7. Military Academy school kid who has never missed a day at school in his life. Reads the play like a LB and is very sound with his responsibilities. Sniffs out the screen with the best of them. Very violent hands and maximizes his talent with great effort. A little stiff in the hips and will have a problem bending the edge. Dominated against Tennessee. Great at zone blitz drops because he is so smart. Best fit will be a strong side 4-3 DE. Not a lot of sack numbers but is amazing at causing pass game disruptions.

NFL comparison- Tank Carradine

Edge13 (80) Jordan Willis- Kansas State 6’4" 255 -4.53. Big 12 defensive player of the year. Bill Snyder said he is the epitome of KSTATE football. 3 year starter with great motor. More of a power rusher, does not run the arc well he has no bend. Amazing play side run defender with great arm extension to keep leverage to control his gap. A+++++ run defender but will struggle with pass rush at next level. Will get more effort sacks than outright beating the olineman. Will have a long career because of his role against the run, but not a pro bowl level talent.

NFL comparison- Chris Gocong

Edge14 (100) Demarcus Walker- FSU 6’4" 280. Huge sack numbers with 25 sacks in last 2 years. 4 ½ sacks against Ole Miss. Locks up with olineman too often and doesn’t fight to get off blocks. If oline gets off balance in pass rush its over, amazing swim move. Not great against the run will be a pass rush specialist for a year or two before he learns to play on all downs. Will rush from inside on Nickel packages to start out. Not a lot of effort after start of play.

NFL comparison- Daquan Bowers

I have TJ Watt, Elijiah Lee, and Ryan Anderson slated as outside linebackers in the 4-3 so they are not represented in this post but will be an upcoming article.

8 more days until the draft!!!!!!

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