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2017 NFL draft: One team called the Browns about trading up to draft a QB at No. 1

Odds are pretty good that team has or will call the 49ers as well.

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of decisions to make in the 2017 NFL draft, holding as much sway as anybody on how the first round will unfold. The Browns have the No. 1 and No. 12 overall picks, opening the door for quite a few scenarios.

Browns general manager Sashi Brown and VP of player personnel Andrew Berry had a pre-draft press conference on Wednesday, and it offered several interesting nuggets. The two men did not give up many specifics, but they did offer one particularly interesting nugget. Brown told the media they had received calls about the No. 1 pick, and one in particular called about trading up to draft a quarterback.

We don’t know the team that called up, but if they called the Browns, one would imagine they also have called the San Francisco 49ers. The only trade rumor about the No. 2 pick we’ve heard thus far is the Carolina Panthers potentially wanting to move up to draft Leonard Fournette.

The Browns GM would not reveal who the team will select No. 1 overall. Myles Garrett is the clear choice, but the Browns seem open to moving down if they get a Godfather offer. If there was an Andrew Luck in the draft, they might be more inclined to talk, but there isn’t. There is a cornerstone defensive player, but it’s not quite the same as getting a cornerstone quarterback. I’d bet money they end up taking Garrett, but maybe someone surprises them and offers a boatload of picks.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait until next Thursday to see if the 49ers deal down from the No. 2 pick. Given the likelihood of Garrett going No. 1, a deal down now would not be entirely out of the question, but with the Browns still playing things close to the chest, teams likely want to wait and be sure they go with Garrett before doing a deal.