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Christian McCaffrey has ridiculous foot speed

It’s safe to say I’d hurt myself trying this.

Draft stock can be incredibly fickle, and over the course of the four months between the end of bowl season and the start of the draft, players will swing wildly. One player who has seen his draft stock rising as much as anybody is Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey. The versatile threat is capable of making a day one impact at both running back and wide receiver, and a creative offensive mind is going to have an intriguing weapon at their disposal.

On Wednesday, McCaffrey posted some video doing a foot speed drill. It’s kind of incredible. This video won’t change his draft status, but I imagine what he shows in this video is part of why teams might be particularly high on him. And while I would like to see what Kyle Shanahan could do with him in the 49ers offense, I don’t expect him to be available anywhere near where the 49ers are picking after No. 2. Of course, if this Pro Football Focus mock draft comes true, maybe he does end up in Santa clara.

I’m tempted to set this drill up and try it on my own. I’d have to start slow and work my way up. I can’t imagine I could hit even a third of this speed without tripping and hurting myself. Of course, I could probably get a viral video out of it!