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What 76 NFL mock drafts are saying about the San Francisco 49ers pick

The herd mentality is strong this year.

The 2017 NFL draft is one week away, and it seems like a good time to see what mock drafts are telling us. SB Nation has been tracking numerous 2017 NFL mock drafts and putting them into one database for each team, including the San Francisco 49ers. Adam Stites jhas been collecting and maintaining this info, and he’s up to what 76 mock drafts are saying about the 49ers pick, and all other 31 first round picks.

And it’s a lot more of the same we’ve seen most of the last month (also viewable here).

Solomon Thomas remains the popular pick, with 71.1 percent of the mock drafts. “Other” comes in second, and includes players like Malik Hooker, Jamal Adams, and Mitchell Trubisky, among others.

Over the first two months of the pre-draft process, Trubisky was sitting atop most 49ers mock drafts. Over the past two months, Thomas gained a lot of momentum. It was not an overnight thing that moved him to the top of these mock drafts, but rather a slow process. But for most of the past four-to-six weeks, Thomas has been the pick.

In a draft in which there is no clear No. 2 option, it’s interesting that people are so convinced of one player. I feel like it is partially a herd mentality. I think plenty of people legitimately think Thomas makes sense at No. 2, but given the context of this year’s draft class, it’s hard to think herd mentality is not a thing with some of these picks.