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2017 NFL draft rumors: Browns owners gives 49ers best chance at Myles Garrett slipping to No. 2

We’ll keep our fingers crossed, but not get our hopes up.

The Cleveland Browns seem all but certain to draft Texas A&M edge rusher Myles Garrett with the No. 1 overall pick. And yet, rumors persist that there is dissent within the Browns about how best to use the pick.

We’ve heard numerous rumors the team is interested in North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Some suggested head coach Hue Jackson was interested, but he seemed to shoot down the idea of using the No. 1 pick on the QB. Now, Jason La Canfora is hearing that the front office likes Trubisky, and owner Jimmy Haslam really wants a quarterback out of this year’s draft.

There is a very real chance the Browns will be able to draft Myles Garrett at No. 1, and Mitchell Trubisky at No. 12. There are numerous rumors that teams between the Browns picks might want a quarterback, but nothing solid has developed.

In reality, you could point to several teams between two and eleven as possible QB landing spots. Here are the ten teams picking between the Browns two picks.

2. 49ers - It seems unlikely, but we certainly can’t rule out a QB
3. Bears - They signed Mike Glennon to a multi-year deal, but they are not committed too much beyond 2017. I doubt it happens, but it would not be shocking.
4. Jaguars - It all depends on what they think of Blake Bortles.
5. Titans - With Marcus Mariota on the roster? NOPE
6. Jets - Always a strong possibility.
7. Chargers - They need a replacement for Philip Rivers, but my guess is they wait until day two, or move up into the back end of the first round.
8. Panthers - Cam Newton is in place for the foreseeable future.
9. Bengals - Andy Dalton is not a great quarterback, but he’s not going anywhere for the time being. NOPE.
10. Bills - They restructured Tyrod Taylor’s deal, but it does not indicate he’s a long-term option. I could see a pick happening, but I think they look for a more immediate impact player.
11. Saints - They need a replacement for Drew Brees, but like with the Chargers, I think they wait.

I really don’t see the Browns doing the 49ers a favor with the No. 1 pick, but crazy things do happen. I’ll keep my fingers crossed while not getting my hopes up.