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How far will Reuben Foster slip in the 2017 NFL draft?

Multiple issues during the pre-draft process have seemingly hurt Reuben Foster’s draft stock. What if he drops to 34?

Over the past month, the San Francisco 49ers were connected to linebacker Reuben Foster as an option at No. 2. There were multiple reports suggesting Foster and running back Leonard Fournette were both high on their draft board. Fournette very well still could be, but Foster’s status is in the air in light of multiple issues the past couple months.

Foster entered the 2017 NFL Combine coming off rotator cuff surgery. At the Combine, he got into a vocal exchange with a medical assistant, and was asked to leave. This past month, his medical re-check suggested he might need another surgery on his shoulder. On top of that, we learned on Thursday that he failed a drug test due to a diluted sample.

The question now is where he ends up going. NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock conducted a conference call on Friday, and said he thinks he still goes top 20, and very well could go top ten. Former personnel executive Michael Lombardi offered a decidedly different take, suggesting he will be there in the second round.

The 49ers are sitting at 34, and the top of the second round is always interesting to watch after Thursday wraps up. There are always a handful of players that surprise us when they are still there at the top of the second round. It opens the door for some great talent, but also a chance to trade down if someone wants to pounce.

The 49ers need linebacker help, but how do they assess the situation if Foster is there at No. 34?