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Golden Nuggets: It’s Round 2 next week

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, April 22nd 2017

Thank God, the draft is less than a week away.A week from writing this (I do the Nuggets on a Friday evening) it will be Round 2 of the draft. Yay! I really would like that chapter to be over with so we can focus on the future season. In fact this entire year is all about observation. I’d like to see what John Lynch does with Trent Baalke’s partially constructed draftboard (mostly revisions, but we won’t see a full Lynch draft until next year given the timing of the hiring). I want to see how these Kyle Shanahan-led San Francisco 49ers look this season. I’m not expecting anything, even if we have a stellar draft.

As far as picks, I still don’t know who I want. I’ve said this on appearances on radio shows, podcasts, and on this site: I don’t know who the 49ers should take. Only they would be able to have a terrible season with this draft class. It’s not bad, but it’s lacking the Andrew Luck’s and close-behind picks that make you want to be in the top-3. Guess that’s just our luck.

See you all next week when I bring I.C. Nothing (my official referree I have on loan from Mutant League Football) and Mega Man to help us break this draft down. Onto your links

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What a horrible night to have a curse...