Top 6 QBs in draft with profiles, overall rank, and comparisons

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I just finished my top 100 draft rankings and profiles. I thought I would throw it up here and see what other people thought. I watched at least 3 full games of film for each prospect and the top ones many more. Positional rankings are followed by overall rankings in parenthesis.

*Spoiler alert- I am not an air raid system fan when it comes to transitioning to the NFL.

WR rankings here

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LB and DT rankings here

QB1 (16) Deshaun Watson- Clemson 6’3" 221 -4.67

21yrs old. #1 Dual Threat QB in high school out of Gainesville, GA. Excellent decision maker that plays his best in high pressure situations. Good to great footwork. Simple route tree and easy reads for passing doesn’t get past 2nd read very much. His best throw is the back shoulder fade. Has no problem throwing 50-50 balls. Steps up in the pocket well while keeping his eyes down field. Does not take unnecessary hits except in National Championship game. Good anticipation and leads his receivers open. Does not get sacked often at all. Major concern is large number of interceptions. The definition of a winner with zero character concerns. Will be able to contribute early in career. Highest floor of the class but does not have as high a ceiling as Kizer, Trubisky, or Mahomes.

Player comparison: Best case is Kirk Cousins arm with Russell Wilson moves and game savvy. Worst case is Alex Smith's first 5 years of his career.

QB2 (35) Deshone Kizer- Notre Dame 6’4’’ 233 -4.89

Gets through progressions well. Not the strongest of arms but better than average. Keeps his eyes downfield while under pressure, he sees the entire field. Plays very calm and collected but seems to let mistakes stack up on top of each other. But when he is on he stays on for a while, very streaky on positive and negative side. More than capable runner and throws well on the run. Consistently comes up short at the end of the game. When he does hit the deep ball it is a thing of beauty but his accuracy on the short and intermediate throws is atrocious. Much better in 2015 than 2016 and when he lost Will Fuller his game changed. Couldn't bring his team to be bowl eligible. If you draft him it is 100% based on projection and physical skill set. He will not be ready to play for at least a year.

Player comparison: Teddy Bridgewater with a better throwing motion but less accuracy

QB3 (43) Mitch Trubisky- North Carolina 6’2’’ 222 -4.67

Dual Threat QB coming out of high school in Cleveland and has been vocal about wanted to play in his hometown. Only 1 year as a starter. Huge arm and puts crazy rotation on the ball. Can easily make every NFL throw. Sub-par pocket awareness seems to take a lot of unnecessary sacks. Footwork breaks down under pressure and seems to throw off his back foot a lot. Eyes drop when under pressure and looks to run instead of looking downfield. He can extend the play with his legs fairly well but doesn’t seem accurate when on the move. 30-6 TD-Int ratio and is very safe with the ball when passing, but seems too careless when running with the ball. Routine throws are constantly off the mark resulting in incompletions or difficult catches for wide open receivers. Seems to be at his best when his team is down but doesn’t play like a winning QB.

Player comparison: Blake Bortles

QB4 (64) Nathan Peterman- Pitt 6’2" 226 -4.82

Went to Tennessee and lost the job to Joshua Dobbs after he broke his hand. Graduated early and transferred to Pitt. Average in almost all areas physically. A++ pocket awareness and poise under pressure. Not a huge arm but still likes to throw the deep ball. Great understanding of coverages and is probably the most pro ready but has a very low ceiling.

Player comparison: Alex Smith is his ceiling and Matt Moore is his floor.

QB5 (86) Patrick Mahomes- Texas Tech 6’2" 225 -4.80

Father was a major league pitcher. Good athlete and had 22 rushing touchdowns. Crazy strong arm who threw an 80 yard in the air ball on his pro day. Great confidence and attitude. System QB that does not translate to NFL and is a major project. Back yard football player that makes plays out of nothing and turns bad plays into the worst plays. Makes the worst decisions ever on a consistent basis. Worst footwork I have ever seen. When he makes a play though it is amazing.

Player comparison: Jay Cutler

QB6 (95) Davis Webb- Cal 6’5" 229 -4.79

Beat out Baker Mayfield at Texas Tech and then lost to Patrick Mahomes. Transferred to Cal. Huge arm that can make all the throws. Throws a lot of 50/50 balls and leads the safety to the ball with his eyes way too much. Played in two different systems that do not translate to NFL well. Coaches kid with great character and leadership. Major project. Bad footwork and just a catch and pitch type passing system. Almost all passes within 10 yards and then a bomb. 5 overthrows in a row against Stanford. At his best when throwing the deep ball to the sideline vs cover 2.

Player comparison: Nick Foles is his ceiling

I had Josh Dobbs outside of my top 100.

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