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NFL draft rumors: Bears could be high on Mitchell Trubisky

The rumors continue circulating with the draft just a few days away.

The top of the 2017 NFL draft remains a tough one to figure out, and how the quarterbacks will go is one of the many mysteries. Draft analysts are not high on this year’s QB class, but most recognize that multiple quarterbacks are likely to be drafted on Thursday.

North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky is expected off the board first, but there remains some speculation that DeShaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes could surprise us. The latest rumor comes courtesy of Buffalo Rumblings editor Chris Trapasso. He runs SB Nation’s Bills blog, but has extensive experience at, and has his share of sources. He is hearing the Chicago Bears are high on Trubisky.

The Bears signed Mike Glennon this offseason to a three-year, $45 million contract, with $18.5 million fully guaranteed. It is effectively a one-year deal for the Bears to see what they can get out of Glennon. More impact players across the roster would be helpful at No. 3, but I guess if they really like Trubisky, so be it. The Glennon deal would not seem quite like the Brock Osweiler contract in terms of unloading him, but it would still be kinda bad.

The San Francisco 49ers would surely like this rumor to be true in hopes of convincing the Cleveland Browns to either take Trubisky No. 1, or deal up with the 49ers at No. 2. I’m still not sure what to make of all the Trubisky rumors and who will do what with him. I’d love to see the 49ers get a nice haul of picks to trade down, or to see the Browns draft Trubisky at No. 1. I just don’t think either result happens this week.