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John Lynch pre-draft press conference: Live updates

We’ll be tracking it on Twitter.

The NFL draft kicks off in three days, and draft week kicks off with a media session! San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch is meeting with the media today at 11:30 a.m. The 49ers have a voluntary minicamp starting Tuesday, so I imagine there will be some questions about that, but the bulk of things will likely focus on the draft.

I don’t believe this will be airing anywhere, and instead it will be a slightly more informal discussions, with some TV at the end. I have embedded the 49ers beat writer Twitter list for any updates we get. Jennifer Chan and Tracy Sandler are both on hand for the media session, so they’ll have some updates, along with the rest of the media.

Topics discussed will likely include plans for the No. 2 pick, how trade calls are coming along, and the team’s philosophy and strategy heading into Thursday. Additionally, I’d expect a question about Jimmie Ward’s work at free safety (well, classroom work for now), and how others might be coming along in the new offensive and defensive schemes. We’ll be back later today with plenty from the press conference.