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2017 NFL Draft: The Armchair GM Challenge

Welcome to the 2017 Armchair GM challenge! We’re back for another year of random predictions.

How it works

The Armchair GM Championship is a confidence poll, much like the ones you may have done for the college football bowl season. Each person will submit a list of 20 names that you believe the 49ers will draft, in order of how confident you are that the player will be picked by San Francisco. The first name on your list will be worth 20 points, the second name 19 points, the third 18 points, and so on. Once the draft is over, we'll add up everyone's points and see who finishes this best.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided based first off of who picked the most players, then who had the highest scoring correct pick, then by who had the higher scoring pick from the lowest round.

Submitting your picks

We are using a Google Form to collect everyone's picks.

2017 Armchair GM Challenge Ballot

When entering names into the form, only use the first and last name of the player. The school, position, and other information isn't needed. This will make things easier when it comes time to score everyone's picks. For players with initials (O.J. Howard), do NOT use periods (so it would be OJ Howard). I've included some examples on the form so you know what kind of information I need.

I encourage you to discuss your picks in the comments, but only picks submitted through the form will be counted.

The deadline for submitting your picks is the start of the draft. April 27th, 4:55 pm PT.