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2017 NFL mock draft: Would a QB at 34 surprise you?

The 49ers are likely drafting at least one QB in the 2017 NFL draft. The 34 spot seems like a strong possibility.

The 2017 NFL Draft is two days away, and the quarterback position remains a big question mark for the San Francisco 49ers. We can be pretty sure Brian Hoyer will be starting in 2017, but beyond that, nothing is certain.

General manager John Lynch said on Monday that the 49ers do not feel an absolute need to add a quarterback in the draft, but he also said he would not rule out a QB at No. 2. When asked about adding a QB second overall, he had this to say:

“Yeah. I think we’ve stated from the beginning that a franchise quarterback is something we believe is essential to winning in this league. We hope that [QB Brian] Hoyer and [QB Matt] Barkley come in, and they were both brought in for a reason, but we feel like we’ll continue, always continue, to try to improve ourselves at that position. And so, I think the answer is yes.”

The 49ers have done plenty of work at the QB position, and with enough questions about the QB class, a lot of options could be there in the second round. After that it’s hard to say depending on a given run, but a QB at No. 34 would not be entirely surprising.

FOX Sports NFL reporter Peter Schrager posted a final seventh-round mock draft in advance of Thursday’s draft. He has the 49ers hitting on some obvious positions, and he went with Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer in that 34 spot. The 49ers met with Kizer at the Combine and again at his Pro Day, and John Lynch has offered plenty of praise. Would it surprise anybody to see them go Kizer at 34 if he is there?

Schrager had the same ol’ same ol’ at No. 2, mocking Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas to the team. He reported on Monday that the 49ers-Mitchell Trubisky chatter is legit, but he seems to think it’s not entirely across the board in the 49ers front office. John Lynch said nothing has left the building, so make of that what you want.

Here’s Schrager’s full list of picks.

1 (2). Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
2 (34). DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame
3 (66). Pat Elflein, C, Ohio State
4 (109). Ryan Glasgow, DT, Michigan
4 (143). Mikal Myers, DT, Connecticut
5 (146). Trent Taylor, WR, Louisiana Tech
5 (161). Hunter Dimick, DE, Utah
6 (198). Keionta Davis, DE, Chattanooga
6 (202). Travis Rudolph, WR, Florida State
7 (219). Kyle Fuller, C, Baylor