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49ers show off John McVay draft room in pre-draft press conference

Here’s a look at where John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, and the 49ers front office will spend the three days of the 2017 NFL draft.

The San Francisco 49ers front office and coaching staff will be busy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as they add upwards of ten or more players in the 2017 NFL draft. It will be a busy week, and they’ll be spending a whole lot of time together in the draft room.

On Monday, general manager John Lynch met with the media in his final pre-draft press conference. Rather than do it in the main Levi’s Stadium press conference auditorium, Lynch had the media come into the team’s draft room.

We see the draft room on NFL Network and ESPN during the draft, but rarely do we get a look at it before things get going. Below are some pictures from the room. To the left of the big screen up front is a picture of former 49ers executive John McVay. The organization re-named the war room after McVay this past year.

Further down you’ll see smaller screens. The team’s big board of players will show up there.