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2017 NFL draft rumors: Odds for 49ers pick at No. 2

Oddsmakers offer some options for the 49ers pick at No. 2 overall. Which is your choice?

Nobody seems to know what the San Francisco 49ers are going to do with the No. 2 pick when the 2017 NFL draft gets going on Thursday. Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas is topping a majority of mock drafts, but it has felt like more of a herd mentality than, “this is the guy they absolutely have to draft.” Such is life in a draft where most agree players in the 2-15 range could be somewhat interchangeable.

Mock drafts are all over the place, and we don’t really know who has access to what information. Another way to consider the pick is based on what oddsmakers are saying. Our partners at Odds Shark have some odds on who the 49ers might select with the second pick on Thursday. They don’t have all the names we have heard connected to the team, but it provides some interesting details to consider. Here are the odds:

Solomon Thomas: +160
Mitch Trubisky: +300
Marshon Lattimore: +800
Myles Garrett: +1000
Jonathan Allen: +1200
Field: +250

This is a tough one to consider. We’ve seen mock drafts focused on Thomas, so giving him the best odds makes sense. Oddsmakers aren’t dummies, but I’m inclined to fade Thomas as an option. Field is the easiest call if you think it will be safeties Malik Hooker or Jamal Adams. Marshon Lattimore is an intriguing option at +800 (bet $100 to win $800), but I could see his hamstring issues scaring off the 49ers.

Field seems to be the option at this point, but what would be your pick?