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Reuben Foster talks injury, red flags, breaks down film on ESPN

The linebacker has plenty to address, and he got all the questions on ESPN.

The San Francisco 49ers have been linked to Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster off and on throughout the offseason. Matt Miller and Albert Breer have both reported that the 49ers had him high on their draft boards. I heard something similar recently, but the red flags were adding up for the team.

Foster is a guy who could go in the top ten or slide out of the first round, and I don’t see many people overly surprised by either result. In advance of the draft, he is making the media rounds to discuss the draft and how the past few months have gone. The latest was on ESPN Wednesday morning. Foster addressed the failed drug test and other off-field issues. He also did some film breakdown toward the end of the segment.

If Foster slipped down to the 49ers second round pick, I would be plenty pleased to grab him there. I don’t think that will happen. I think there will be someone who is plenty happy to get that fifth year option on him and draft him before the end of the first round. I do think he slips out of the top ten, but how far, I don’t know.

The video is an interesting look as Foster looks to sell himself to teams. Thursday will be an interesting one for Foster and whomever potentially ends up drafting him.