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2017 NFL draft trade rumors: Browns call list is up to five

At what point do they call themselves?

The Cleveland Browns are trying to figure out their options for acquiring North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in the 2017 NFL draft, and they are running out of teams to call. Mike Silver reported on Tuesday that the Browns had contacted three teams in the top eight. We inferred from his language the 49ers were probably not one of those teams.

In the 24 hours since that initial report, Silver is now reporting the team has contacted five teams. He does not have further clarification, and we do not have the same language to infer the 49ers are not one of those five teams.

Even with that first Silver report and our inferences, I would not have been surprised if the Browns had been in touch with the 49ers. The Browns might be in touch with anybody in the top eight (well, except themselves at No. 1, although I wouldn’t put anything past the Browns), but they might also want to hold off giving too much info away if need be.

Mike Silver is also reporting that the Browns decided two weeks ago on who they would select at No. 1 overall. Silver has significant connections with Hue Jackson, so I would not be entirely surprised that he has that info. Whether or not it’s Myles Garrett or Mitchell Trubisky, we’ll find out in just over 24 hours.