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2017 NFL draft results: 49ers select Solomon Thomas with No. 3 pick

The San Francisco 49ers ended up trading back one spot in the 2017 NFL draft and still picked the favorite of mock drafters.

The 2017 NFL draft is underway, and the San Francisco 49ers have their first new player. After the Cleveland Browns grabbed Myles Garrett with the No. 1 overall pick, the 49ers followed up by trading back a spot with the Chicago Bears, who took Mitchell Trubisky. At No. 3, the 49ers have drafted Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas with the No. 2 pick.

Mock drafters have been pushing this move for most of the past two months, so I suppose it should not qualify as a surprise. At the same time, I really did not think it would happen. It seemed too obvious, but I guess sometimes obvious is the way things go.

I am a bit surprised because it is not entirely clear where Thomas will slot in on the defensive line. The 49ers spent first round picks on Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner each of the last two years. Buckner will play defensive tackle, while Armstead could end up in either of the defensive end roles. He has gotten work in the Leo pass rusher role, but Aaron Lynch could play there, and some have talked about Thomas as a potential edge rusher. And of course, the team also has their nickel and dime sub-packages to factor in with personnel.

There are a lot of questions about how Thomas will fit, but if John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan think Thomas is the best guy on the board at No. 3, well, so be it. The 49ers need quality football players. Let’s hope Thomas proves to be a quality football player for what the 49ers are looking to do. That’s the least we can ask, I think.


How do you grade the 49ers pick at No. 3?

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3375 votes total Vote Now

1. First round: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
2. Second round: Own - No. 2 (34 overall)
3. Third round: Own - No. 2 (66 overall)
4. Third round: Bears - No. 3 (67 overall)
5. Fourth round: Own - No. 2 (109 overall)
6. Fourth round: Bears - No. 4 (111th overall)
7. Fourth round: Comp pick - No. 37 (143 overall)
8. Fifth round: Own - No. 2 (146 overall)
9. Fifth round: Washington (Derek Carrier trade) - No. 17 (161 overall)
10. Sixth round: Baltimore Ravens - No. 14 (198 overall)
11. Sixth round: Denver Broncos (Vernon Davis trade) - No. 18 (202 overall)
12. Seventh round: Cleveland Browns (Andy Lee trade) - No. 1 (219 overall)