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Golden Nuggets: Draft Day Cometh

A daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web. Thursday, Draft Day, 2017.

Get your last minute entry in at howtheyscored’s draft pick game

It’s a great day, sports fans. Draft day has finally arrived. The season of making new arch-rivals comes to a head later today, when the player selection meeting kicks off. Months of intense research and debate will prove useless immediately, as teams make trades and melon-scratcher picks, leaving us helpless to watch as our prized mock drafts get shredded by inevitability.

On the upside, we’ll be freed from the endless mock drafts, at least for another calendar year. Oh, other than the ubiquitous “Way Too Early 2018 Mock Draft”.

Anyway, I’m excited and nervous to see the foundation of the Shanahan/Lynch era be put down. One question that I’ll be awaiting answers for through the draft is how Jimmie Ward did in his extremely brief debut as an NFL safety. Specifically, it’ll be interesting to see how it impacts decisions pertaining to the secondary. If Ward made his case convincingly, we might see CB become a more valuable position than S for the front office.


One last thing, after the draft I’m going to give “Caption This!” another shot. Idea is simple, I post a 49ers-related recent picture, you say snarky and irreverent things, most recs by your peers gives you bragging rights for the week. Since I do Thursday and Monday Nuggets, I’m just going to tack it on at the end of those. Looking to do new contests every Thursday, and do the leaderboard on the Monday edition. Going to aim to do a total of 10 weeks between the draft and the first pre-season game, just in time to take up a new set of distractions. Hope to see you there.

On to the links, and Happy Draft Day!

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