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Mel Kiper’s final mock draft makes a similar change to Todd McShay

The only way the 49ers don’t pick Myles Garrett at No. 2 if he is there is if they receive a Godfather offer.

Earlier today, ESPN’s Todd McShay released his final mock draft. Amidst all the rumors concerning Mitchell Trubisky and the No. 1 pick, McShay decided to drop Myles Garrett from No. 1 to No. 2.

We’ve seen more and more mock drafts considering that in the hours leading up to the 2017 NFL draft. We can now add another prominent name. ESPN’s Mel Kiper unveiled his final NFL mock draft Thursday morning. He decided to join McShay in mocking Trubisky to the Browns at No. 1 and Garrett to the 49ers at No. 2. Here’s what he had to say about those two picks.

Browns: “How's this for a curveball to begin the night? The thinking is the Browns get antsy about Trubisky being available at No. 12 and don't find any takers to trade up. Could Cleveland ownership get involved and insist on a QB here? Remember, the Browns passed on Carson Wentz last year and really need a franchise-changer at the position. Myles Garrett is my No. 1-ranked prospect.”

49ers: “The 49ers might run to the podium if Garrett is available here, assuming they can't find any takers who want to trade up to take Garrett. He is a brilliant, natural pass-rusher with elite size and athleticism.”

We’ve talked about the idea of Garrett and the 49ers racing to the podium to make the pick. I have to think the first thing they do after yelling in excitement is give the rest of the NFL a few minutes to call and make trade offers. Myles Garrett is the pick at No. 2 if he is there, but it creates an opportunity to try and find a huge trade haul. They would need a huge haul involving multiple No. 1s and 2s, but you have to at least wait and see. And if that kind of offer does not come in, then you head up with Myles Garrett on the card and pop the champagne.