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2017 NFL draft results: 49ers trade out of the No. 2 pick

The San Francisco 49ers have decided to shake up the 2017 NFL draft. The team moved down from the No. 2 pick, trading with .... the Chicago Bears for No. 3. Huh.

The 2017 NFL draft is underway, and the San Francisco 49ers have decided the original draft order was lame! After the Cleveland Browns grabbed Myles Garrett with the No. 1 overall pick, the 49ers traded down with ... the Chicago Bears, moving down one spot to No. 3. Uh, OK.

They collected a third-round pick this year (No. 67 overall), a fourth-round pick this year (111th overall) and a 2018 third-round pick for the swap. Pretty good!

It was arguably the worst kept secret that the 49ers wanted to move down from No. 2. John Lynch said they were open for business, and the numerous Mitchell Trubisky and Leonard Fournette rumors suggested the team was trying to convince somebody else to move up if they wanted to get their guy.

And it would appear the 49ers found some measure of success in their subterfuge. A deal down that adds draft capital can be huge in a rebuilding effort. Of course, we also know that adding picks doesn’t matter if you don’t actually hit on them. Trent Baalke as great at dealing to add draft picks, but he missed on enough of the picks that it eventually cost him his job.

Plus, you know, it’s one spot.

Details to come

1. First round: Bears - No. 3 overall
2. Second round: Own - No. 2 (34 overall)
3. Third round: Own - No. 2 (66 overall)
4. Third round: Bears - No. 3 (67 overall)
5. Fourth round: Own - No. 2 (109 overall)
6. Fourth round: Bears - No. 4 (111th overall)
7. Fourth round: Comp pick - No. 37 (143 overall)
8. Fifth round: Own - No. 2 (146 overall)
9. Fifth round: Washington (Derek Carrier trade) - No. 17 (161 overall)
10. Sixth round: Baltimore Ravens - No. 14 (198 overall)
11. Sixth round: Denver Broncos (Vernon Davis trade) - No. 18 (202 overall)
12. Seventh round: Cleveland Browns (Andy Lee trade) - No. 1 (219 overall)