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Reuben Foster wants to be the next Patrick Willis

Passion is not going to be an issue for the San Francisco 49ers 1st round pick

The San Francisco 49ers shocked the football world with two block buster trades in the first day of the NFL draft. With their second trade, they moved up to the 31st overall pick to select Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, who spoke to the media shortly after receiving the call that he would be moving to Santa Clara.

Foster was very surprised he was still on the board at the 31st pick but that only put a bigger chip on the shoulder of the player who said that without football he has nothing other than family. He knows that the incident at the combine as well as his diluted drug test may have played a factor. He is very thankful that John Lynch and the 49ers believed in him and took a chance. He admits he has to prove his passion to the 49ers and the world.

John Lynch actually noted that his character is what drew him and the scouting department to Foster.

I don’t know what other people’s issues were with him. I think some things, you know there’s the issue at the combine. We talked with Reuben about that and he apologized for it, admitted that it was a mistake. I think a lot of young people make mistakes. You know, I would anticipate people maybe questioning some of his character, but I would tell you his character’s what drew us to him. When you start talking football with this young man he lights up a room, and he’s a good kid. I believe in the kid and I think it’s going to be, he’s going to be a great player for this organization for a long time.”

Foster’s shoulder injury may also have been a reason for his slide. He reports that his shoulder is at 90 percent and adds that he will be ready for training camp.

Foster immediately won points with the 49ers and their fans saying that he wants to be “The next Patrick Willis, the next great linebacker, so much that people will be saying ‘I want to be the next Reuben Foster’” in the future. For now he is excited to learn from “a great vet like NaVorro Bowman and pick his brain.” The qualities he finds most admirable in other players are passion, aggression and leadership.

Foster seems like quite a character. When asked if he knew his new teammate Solomon Thomas, he replied: “I’m about to get real acquainted with him. I don’t know him that well, but I’m about to get real acquainted with him. We are going to be best friends, trust me.”

When Foster was asked to give one word to describe his play he replied: SAVAGE