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2017 NFL draft: Media reactions to John Lynch’s first round with the San Francisco 49ers

Time to look at what everyone said about the San Francisco 49ers’ crazy first night of drafting.

There’s a lot of comments noting tweets of what the media has said about the San Francisco 49ers. Not just the locals, but the national media. It’s not every year you see a team gouge another for a trade to just one spot and then turn around and get two decent defensive players.

We’ll have more of what the staff thinks of all of this shortly, but I just wanted to showcase some tweets of what everyone thought of the 49ers crazy night in Philadelphia.

I’m going to start with Jemele Hill, the resident 49ers homer at ESPN, who also (in my opinion) brings some of the more intelligent arguments to their programming. There’s not much sophistication for this one. She basically did what all 49ers fans did:

That kicks things off. But the 49ers had a trade. A trade back into one spot. One. Single. Spot. Scratch your head, but by simply trading back and waiting an additional 10 minutes, the 49ers were able to later do this:

Yes, folks. 10 minutes are clearly that valuable. But about that pick? You know, Reuben Foster? Apparently, the 49ers weren’t the only team after him:

So what did the analysts think? Well, ESPN draft guru Todd McShay thinks the Bears got robbed:

I’ll just leave you with this parting shot that basically lets Lynch drop the microphone.

I remember how nice it was to turn on NFL Network/ESPN on Mondays after the 49ers won just to hear everyone talk about the team. At least i can relive the inner gluttony for a couple days if John Lynch keeps this up.

And if these draft picks don’t work out. Just remember: We all at least heard of the guys drafted in the 1st round.